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Sunday, 1 January 2012

Greetings for the new Year

The new year has started.
Many green resolutions made- to be more productive in the garden, to be regular with the spraying, to carry on the struggle with some veggies (coriander harvest still eludes me), to post more regularly and most importantly be organic.
So let's see, what do I have in my garden at the present?
Tomatoes- cherry toms, second flush of flowers has started; tumbler variety has started ripening
Chillies- still not producing, all the flowers are falling off, some leaves too, have tried giving higher PK but..
Mint- peppermint and spearmint
Indian spinach- transpanted few days back
Brinjal- white, flowers have started but no fruit yet, keeping fingers crossed
Ridge gourd- single fruit developing, have covered it with a polythene bag to prevent pests
Okra- ceylonese variety seeds from geekgardener, they are ridgeless, hope that they are without spines too; transplanted two each in three 15 L containers two weeks back
Leafy veggies-green and red amaranth
Roses- repotted with fresh soil and compost, waiting for the blooms to start
Collection of other flowering plants- pentas, periwinkle, amaryllis lily, ginger lily, jasmines, to name a few.
A few pictures to start the year...

Adenium- a natural bonsai

Amaryllis Lily

Blue Butterfly pea called gokarna in marathi

Happy gardening!


geekgardener said...

Wishing you a happy new year. Pictures look nice. I was also looking for the pictures of the veggies you have mentioned. Looking forward to it.


chitra said...

Thanks gg,
Praise from an expert is greatly appreciated:)
I will try to upload the other pics soon.