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Friday, 30 November 2012

Radish harvest

As promised, I am back with the radish harvest.
Red round radish (French Breakfast) was sowed in the month of October. I forgot to note the time of sowing this time. I fertilized every fortnight with NPK 1:1:1. Else I did not give this veggie any attention.
There was a time I was on tenterhooks as the neighbourhood cat thought that I had kept out a litter bin for her! However, a few sticks poked in the soil deterred her/him from exploring!

I harvested about a dozen of the red globes on the 24th of Nov.
Radish harvest

And immediately used them for making radish raita with some home grown mint leaves thrown in. Tasted really yummy, not very pungent, even the kids relished it.
Mooli (Radish) Raita
 The leaves of this particular variety is another taste altogether; probably the non-pungency of the root is compensated by the taste and texture of the leaves. The leaves of this variety are rough and a bit prickly.
I did not notice any leaf miners.  I will use these for making a gravy style curry of mustard, spinach and radish leaves; a different version of the the typical saron ka saag.

Radishes don't take very long to grow- from sowing to harvesting it was under two months. I don't think any other veggie can compete in this aspect. Also, they are very easy to grow, not much care is required, except that the soil has to be sufficiently loose, watering regular and you should harvest before the bulbs get stringy.

Another veggie to look forward to is the bitter gourd which has started fruiting on the balcony.
the first bitter gourd
still a baby bitter gourd
 Next to combat the taste of the previous harvests, I can dish up these...
Adenium in full bloom

a funny marigold
fresh mint

 And that's all for now till I sow some fresh seeds..

Happy Gardening!

Saturday, 17 November 2012

first milestone

Crossed my first milestone and I didn't even realize it, more than a 1000 hits.
Thanks to all my readers.
Some pictures to celebrate...

groundnut harvest from a container
got about a bowl full of organic home grown unshelled peanuts
Remember my last post with the yellow flowers

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) grown from cuttings of the store-bought herb; grown the geekgardener's way

Red Balsam

 Need I comment further....

I have sowed some more seeds- capsicum, tomato, brinjal...
Red radish is almost ready for harvest.
I will be back with the pictures soon

Till then, happy gardening!