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Sunday, 17 June 2012


This is what my terrace garden is sporting these days...

my very first guava flower


this flowered in May, of course there were many buds which all flowered but only a couple went on to become like this ...

baby corn ear finally flowered when the plant was 5 feet tall
Waiting to see the next developments in the coming week

These are the male flowers or the tassel are they are called, they emerged first and then the female flower or the ear made its appearance

previous mint tub was completely broken, hence started a new batch in a basket. This is the initial growth...

colocasia leaves also called arvi in India grown for making vadi (alu vadi in marathi)
This variety is not supposed to make very good curry; the leaves for the curry type are more rounded and less green.

some color to perk up the spirit
bush rose

the sole watermelon
this year it is much smaller and doesn't seem to be growing bigger, seems like we will have to be content with this size

waiting for the sunset bells and other monsoon flowers to start now...
Happy Gardening and welcome to the rains..


geekgardener said...

Nice post. the plants look very healthy. how big container you used for corn?

chitra said...

for corn I was way off the mark, I used a 25 L bucket and planted 5 seeds, got real overcrowded.
Maybe 2-3 would have been better