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Saturday, 17 November 2012

first milestone

Crossed my first milestone and I didn't even realize it, more than a 1000 hits.
Thanks to all my readers.
Some pictures to celebrate...

groundnut harvest from a container
got about a bowl full of organic home grown unshelled peanuts
Remember my last post with the yellow flowers

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) grown from cuttings of the store-bought herb; grown the geekgardener's way

Red Balsam

 Need I comment further....

I have sowed some more seeds- capsicum, tomato, brinjal...
Red radish is almost ready for harvest.
I will be back with the pictures soon

Till then, happy gardening!


Nicole said...

Love your red balsam-does it grow from cuttings?

chitra said...

No Nicole, it grows only from the seeds. And I think that this one is hybrid. I have saved some seeds, will sow them to see which color are the flowers!

GoodEarth said...

how long does it take for ground nut seed-to-harvest?

chitra said...

I sowed after the first rains in July and harvested sometime late September or October ( didn't keep a gardening log last year :(); ~4months