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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

happy new year

Yes yes, I know..
Its been almost one month since the new year started, but for my garden, the year started late.
I cleared out many overgrown and straggly plants, mostly thai basil and holy basil. I did not have the heart to remove them when they were seedlings, hence had to pay the price of them taking over my rose pots.
I have saved my rose plants, I think. Till I see new growth, I am never sure whether I have managed to kill my plants. Hope the day soon comes when I can be confident about transplanting roses...
I sowed some seeds - Tomato (marmanade and st. pierre), capsicum (chocolate), bird's eye chilli; all seeds from geekgardener/ garden guru. Good germination, though the peppers were slower. I also sowed a hybrid brinjal variety from amar seeds, picture on the cover showed a long green and white brinjal
I have now transplanted them into suitable containers and hope to get a good harvest. :-)
For that I will  need to follow a more disciplined schedule of fertilizing and maintaining my plants.
That reminds me of my new year resolution for 2013. This year I propose to make resolutions which I am decently able to keep, foremost being to fertilize every fortnight, not to allow stray plants, mulch and keep posting.
Sounds like a tall order..
Only time will tell..
A few pics of my prized possessions- their status keeps changing...

Rosemary, yet to be used in any specific dish, has a lovely smell and taste, can be munched on whenever in the garden

Thai basil, one of the strays which was saved and planted into its own home

tomatoes, which variety? probably wild

brinjal, this was supposed to be white variety
however I get pale green fruits frm this plant. I also have another plant which was supposed to be long purple, however, I get very small ones. I am not complaining though, that plant is a veteran of my kitchen garden for at least six - eight months - giving at least 4-5 brinjals at each harvest

capsicum, will turn yellow when ripe if I can hang on till then

rajnigandha, the double whorled variety. this is comparatively less fragrant than the single one,

the gandhraj/ cape jasmine flowered for the first time, now I understand why some ladies wear this flower in their hair even when it has turned yellow; it has a heady fragrance;  the flower was on the plant for a week when it turned from white to yellow

and finally the exotic (in my garden) red amaryllis lily which is flowering now
amaryllis lily with my garden protector- the spider

On that beautiful note, I take leave of my blog till my next post
Happy gardening!

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