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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Sunset Bells

One plant which I love during the dark monsoon days is Sunset Bells. It is also called Black Flamingo or Copper Leaf. This plant needs no sun to flower and has lovely brown foliage which sets off well against the monotonous green in my garden.

The flowers are yellow-orange with bright orange sepal cups which last quite a while. The nectar guides are prominent, the deep orange lines on the yellow petals are striking.

It can be grown in shallow containers and requires shade. It does not like bright sunlight and shows its displeasure by drooping immediately.
This plant grows from tubers at the base of the stems, so be careful. Even though the foliage dries off after the rainy season, the plant has already stored its food for the show next year :)
A piece from mythology- the botanical name Chrysothemis pulchella ( Family Gesneriaceae Gloxinia family) comes from ancient literature. Chrysothemis was the daughter of Agememnon and Clytemnestra of Greek mythology. The flower truly lives up to its name- Pulchella means beautiful…

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