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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Garden Update-fenugreek and mustard

I have just got my garden dug up by a local gardener on Sunday (27th nov) and I am raring to start planting... But I will have to wait till the weekend :(
In the meantime I had sowed some fenugreek and mustard seeds on Friday 25th which was an enforced holiday due to a politician being slapped by a youth in Delhi.
I sowed them in tubs and am glad to note that both tubs are showing green. I sprinkled some NPK solution for activating growth.
Looking forward to a green crop...
Methi paratha and sarson ka saag coming up soon :)

Here are some pictures of the little babies...

Fenugreek seedlings 5 days after sowing
I am waiting for the true leaves to appear; I plan to thin some plants for salad...

Mustard seedlings 5 days after sowing
I have never been successful in growing this simple green and plan to take care this time.

Happy gardening

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